Recipe #2

So, this recipe uses delicious sausage that was cooked on the grill yesterday by an amazing Brazilian cook.

I took a slice of gluten-free bread and placed a layer of cheddar chess on it and then added the sausage, sliced in half. (not necessary for the recipe)

What many people don’t know is gluten-free bread is different than normal bread, not just because its lack of taste, but it is too stiff to fold in half. To do so without it breaking, you have to heat it in the microwave first. Then I can fold the bread in half and use the new Glute-Free Bread Jig by Dwaine© until the bread cools down, thus holding its shape.

Now I can add the additional condiments before consuming. One of them is a favorite cheese we buy – Cheese Dip by Gordo, found in many fine supermarkets.

After adding a pickle and a slob of Gordo’s cheese dip, the finished product looks enticing. The olives are not part of the sandwich. They are placed there for visual affects, because we do not have parsley.

The first several bites are better than expected, 

Taste rating based on the Dwaine scale: 6 out of 10.  Enjoy!