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I am currently working overseas and will be posting things I observe along with my comments.  Others can make comments as well, and since I am the owner of this site, I reserve the right to remove any comment I choose.  There are several categories of postings, some political, some religious, some just thoughts and some off the wall.  There are two reasons why people write.  A) those who write for profit and B) those who write to get thoughts out, especially those that burn inside.  This site ain’t for profit.  Following my demise on the Earth, I hope to be remembered that I made people think.

To read the latest posting, look for the “Recent Posts” on the left side.  Thank you for visiting & kick butt.

BTW:   for those who I often ask this, the speed of light is 186,282 miles per second. As an aside note:  the speed of light is the only thing in the Universe that is truly constant.  The mass and dimension of an object will change, including the duration of time itself but not the speed of light.  More commonly referred to as “C”.

… for further thoughts,  see 1st John 1:5