Images of History

historical-photos-pt5-einsteins-office-death-dayAlbert Einstein’s desk on the day of his death.

rare-photos-unbroken-seal-ofking-tut-tombUnbroken seal of King Tut’s tomb

historical-photos-pt4-archduke-franz-ferdinand-with-wifeArchduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife, hours before they were assassinated, which sparked World War 1

f9jUnPius XII with Adolf Hitler

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_17The Russian Author, Leo Tolstoy telling his grandchildren a story.

historical-photos-pt6-construction-of-berlin-wall-1961Building the Berlin Wall

awesome_photos_collected_from_history_20Tearing down the Berlin Wall

001-CivilRights Little Rock, 1957

mlk480dotearthBirmingham on May 3, 1963

Rosa ParksRosa Parks – December 1, 1955, in Montgomery

Vietnam MonkQuang Duc – Saigon June 11, 1963

Last JewThe last remaining Jew in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in 1941.

89-63_tank_man_-_webTiananmen Square – 1989

vietcong-tmFeb 1, 1968 – Viet-Cong execution

century0256-tmCambodian refugees

chevive-tmThe body of Che Guevara, who was the assassin in the Cuban Revolution.  His image is seen many times on T-shirts and posters, because he is regard as hero and revolutionary.  Never mind he killed many innocent people.

nagasaki_bomb Nagasaki Japan – August 9, 1945

the-kiss-tmVJ Day

594px-apollo-11-bootprint-tmApollo 11

san-francisco-fire-sacramento-street-1906-04-18-tmThe Great San Fransisco fire of 1906

niepce-first-photo_1459_990x742Reportedly, the first photograph – 1825

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