This is an interesting one. They have no US flags, just remnants of about 12 Texas flags. Last I looked, all remnants were still up. My note was this:

Every flag you have up is torn to pieces. Some are less than half existing. Please take these down. It is embarrassing to see. And if you chose to put more flags up, please think of the idea of adding an American flag. I know and understand that Texas is the Greatest Country on Earth, but America is still a part of Texas. 


This one is at the Rockport Cottage Company in Rockport Texas. My note simply said,

“Please take this precious flag down, fold it the best you can and give it to your local VFW to retire.       Thank you.


These flags were at a Used Car Dealer in Victoria. I expected them to wait several weeks, because the flags are not easily accessible. But they were taken down within a week. There were four flags, but I didn’t get a good picture of the fourth. My letter simply said:

Please take these down, fold them solemnly and give them to the VFW to retire.


This from the Happy State Bank in Pampa, Tx. My information sources on the ground report that the bank has a new flag. I was polite in this request:

Please take this down, fold it solemnly and give it to the VFW to retire.   Thank you.


This one was on the Wells Fargo Bank in Victoria. They took them down the same day they received the letter and a few weeks later, put up new ones. My letter to them was rather rude:

This is sad. Please replace both flags and give them to the VFW to retire them. Do not just throw them away. If I was a wealthy man, I would do it for you.