Things to remember while traveling overseas

Simple rules to guide you un-impeded through the world.  There are many more.  If you have any, please send them.  I reserve the right to edit if I use them.

  1. Smile.  You will gain more and have less hassle when you smile at people.  Even if they are not smiling.
  2. Be nice to wait staff.  Rudeness is a show of ignorance.
  3. Never, ever, photograph someone holding an AK-47.  And never photograph government buildings, no matter what country you are in.
  4. Ask before photographing people.  If you are in a third world country, pay them.  It will just be a pittance to most travelers.
  5. Always be wary of anything that is placed on your table in a very small bowl, and is green.  Taste it very carefully.
  6. Remember that most food overseas do not have preservatives, so wash your hands thoroughly when cutting bread and it will not mold so quickly.
  7. Always crack eggs open in a separate bowl, then transfer it over.  You will find rotten eggs and you don’t want to have to throw out a cake mix like we did.
  8. When driving in a foreign country, always expect the unexpected.  Vehicles will try to pass you, even if there is no room to pass.

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