Number 1

Whether you chose to eat gluten-free bread, or someone in your house strongly suggests you eat it, here is the first of several recipes to tolerate the healthy crap. Those of us who partake of this health benefit, will know the bread has little to no flavor with the consistency of cardboard. So the object is to find some clever way to add flavor to it.

Recipe # 1.         I made this just this morning for breakfast and was surprised how little it helped the bread taste better. In a small skillet, sprayed with Pan©, Put a slice of sandwich ham in and when it starts to sizzle, pour in a half cup of the liquid from last night’s pork roast. When the ham starts to buckle up from the heat, place a slice of gluten-free bread on top. Once it looks like it trying to fry, turn the mess over and put a slice of cheddar cheese on it, and let it continue to fry. Once the gluten-free bread has soaked up much of the roast liquid, scoop it up and place it on a plate. Be careful not to burn yourself. Then sit and eat with a cup of strong coffee.

Taste rating based on the Dwaine scale: 3 out of 10.  Enjoy!

Check back often for more gluten-free ideas.