One of the nice things about living in a large city, is the variety of “ready to eat” food.  Sao Paulo is like New York City, where you walk along any downtown sidewalk and see/smell food vendors.

I came home the other day tired and wore out.  The weather was wet and chilly and I just felt rundown.  Landed on the couch for about an hour, then woke up to a phone call.  I had to go back to the Consulate to make a repair.

As I was heading home for the second time, it was dark and wet.  I passed by a small restaurant that was grilling meat outside, and just decided to get something to take home.

The sausage and frango (chicken) cost about a dollar each.  I thought I was going to have to warm them up when I got home, but they were so well wrapped, I actually had to let them cool down before eating.  The sausage thrown on a slice of bread with mustard was perfect!  The three chicken wingettes were eaten the next day.

A few weeks ago, I went to my favorite restaurant/bar for lunch and I told Luciano I just wanted something small.  He said in his broken English, “I have!”  Since there being the most interesting language barrier between us, the outcome was unexpected.  He brought me this.

Three porkchops, rice, fries and beans.  Much more than I wanted, but I grew up not saying “no” to food and ate every bit of it.

Years ago after a big Thanksgiving dinner, I de-boned the bird’s carcass for Terese like I always did.  She took the meat and placed it in a blender with mayonnaise and spices and made sandwich spread.  It is the perfect solution to leftover turkey.  When you want, just slap some on a slice of bread, roll it over and gobble it down.  … notice the word gobble.

It was such a successful idea, that Terese would make a pork roast and turn the whole thing into sandwich spread.  I was always elated!  So, the other day, I bought something in the frozen food section of the supermarket I shop at, and decided to make the Terese Sandwich Spread.  (TSS)  Luckily, it was a pork thing I was hoping for.

So, I dug out the blender that Terese used, chopped up the cooked pork roast into blender size pieces, and placed in the carafe.  Added a whop of mayonnaise, heavy sprinkling of garlic powder and decided to add some cheese I needed to get rid of.

I pushed the button to churn the ingredients, the machine came alive and the contents just sat there.  Didn’t even try to move.  I checked it out and found the lower section had broken internally.  Not a pretty picture.

So ….  since the blender is also a juicer, I changed out the components and transferred the ingredients over to the juicing carafe.  The whirling worked, but I had to keep stabbing the mixture to keep the chopping going.  What I had when I finished, was not so much as a spread, but a goo with large chunks of cheese embedded in it.   * Note to self, next time shred the cheese.

The goo will not be wasted, and I have already ordered a replacement blender.

Now the Damn Dogs …

I just wanted to let you know, that my accuracy has gone from 10% to 80%.  And I can now fire the marbles out of my bedroom, instead of my balcony when I can be seen.  Just this morning, the DD’s started barking at some poor innocent little widow woman hobbling by.  I eagerly opened my bedroom window, and sent a marble near the speed of light to the pet shop garage below.  The two dogs took off to the back area to see it if was something to eat.  Bottom line is:  They quit barking and left the old woman alone.

There are times in life when you realize the hero within yourself.

For those of you who are unaware of this thought provoking story, I lead you to this: