I stopped by the Guimas Bar on the way home to have a drink and to watch the local fauna.  Luciano talked me into drinking a caipirinha, which is a Brazilian drink that has much more alcohol than I like.  Foolishly I had two.

After awhile, a young lady came to my table and said, “They told me you are from Texas and I want to practice my English with you.”

Now, in Texas, she would be referred to as a young thang.

She said her name is Karen and told me she is not shy.  Then pointing to a young man sitting inside, told me her friend is Eduardo and he is shy, and he teaches English.  We talked a few minutes about her life and she asking things about the US, and eventually she rejoined her friend.  Later as they got up to leave, she dragged him over to meet me.  We spoke a few minutes and enjoyed the conversation.

When I meet new people like this I think of my incredible Mother who loves everyone, so I asked them if I can take a picture for her.  No one has ever refused.  So, here is a picture of me, Karen and Eduardo :

Then Karen asked if she can make a movie for my mother and I responded with a very big smile.  Check it out :    Kisses from Brazil

Someone be sure and help MotherDear view it.

I find these to be very good people and have decided to meet and visit from time to time.   Another adventure on the road of Life.