We have a dear friend who recently had a birthday, and since she is such a dear friend, Terese and I offered our apartment to host a small wing party for her and a few close friends.  What follows are pictures of the celebration.IMG_0634JPG Terese with two other good friends.  Stacy on the left who has two Masters degrees and our friend Ann, who I mentioned before with degrees in Mathematics, Physics and working on her Electrical Engineering degree, plus is a concert violinist.IMG_0656JPGWhen we have these parties, most of the people hang out either in the kitchen or on the patio.IMG_0652JPG IMG_0643JPGIMG_0664JPG IMG_0663JPG IMG_0636JPG… and getting down to business on lighting the cake.IMG_0662JPGIMG_0659JPGSome of Gozde’s guests.IMG_0648JPG IMG_0638JPG IMG_0642JPG… and the Pretty Lady watching it all.IMG_0641JPGI have mentioned before, how you never know people until you take the time to visit with them.  Below is a picture of Gozde, who has a PHD in whatever she teaches (she has told me but it goes over my head).   I have had several good conversations with her on literature and all the creativity it encompasses.IMG_0639JPGI am always amazed, no, I am truly stunned when I discover what is inside those I meet.  Gozde is a unique 34 year old individual, that follows her own path in life and never looks back.  I am glad to consider her a friend like I do Selin with her gift of dance.  You never know what resides in people.  I am truly gifted to meet and know these people, who consider me a friend.

~ Never underestimate anyone!  D.