The week after the trip to Cappadocia, we took a week off and drove eight hours to a resort on the eastern edge of Turkey, near the town of Muğla.  The little ”ğ” with the funny hat is silent, but it indicates that the preceding vowel is extended.  So it is pronounced Moola.  The resort we stayed at, Han Sarigerme is owned by close friends of a local-guard supervisor at the Embassy.  The supervisor, Burak Ozbaba, and his wife Funda invited us to go with them.  Burack learned his English by working in the Southern part of the US, so he has a southern drawl.  Speaks very good English and like most Turkish men, ornery.IMG_0880JPGWith them, they had their little 6½ year old daughter which was a delight to be around.  If you ask her how old she is, she will tell you she is 7, because she doesn’t like having that ½ year business in her age.  She is actually very mature for a 6½ year, er seven-year-old and was not afraid of anything.  She literally spent at least half her waking hours in the pool.  Both parents spent time with her swimming and was nice to see the love of the three.  But many times she was by herself in the pool and she is such a good swimmer, they never worried about her.IMG_0897I used to be a good swimmer, but now when in the pool my butt end just sinks.  I can thrash around, but I don’t go anywhere but down.    – so I stayed out of the water.  As indicated below.IMG_0587JPGHere is a butt load of pictures of the resort, and then I will tell you about the owners.  First the pool area.IMG_0549JPG IMG_0601JPG IMG_0551JPG IMG_0600JPG IMG_0555JPGThe front area with samples of food and drink:IMG_0576JPGIMG_0548JPGIMG_0574JPG IMG_0575JPG20160715_193504The little kitchen where the good food comes from:IMG_0573JPGOne day, Terese and got into the truck and took a five minute drive to the Mediterranean coast and sat on the beach a few hours.  In the first picture, look at the two women in the burka swimsuits.  Blue and green/brown.20160715_17130320160715_17084520160715_170936One of the more rockier beaches:IMG_0572JPG IMG_0571JPGSince the owner of the resort is a good friend of Burak, he set up a boat ride for us to enjoy.  Below are pictures taken.IMG_0567JPG IMG_0569JPG 20160713_143014 20160713_144145  IMG_0557JPG IMG_0562JPG IMG_0563JPG20160713_153154Burak’s little one, Aysan wanted to steer the boat, so the captain put her on the stool and let her have it for awhile.IMG_0558JPGWe were scheduled to return on Saturday so we could recover before work on Monday, but that Friday before, had the “coup” that took place in Turkey.  I have much to say about the fiasco but it is wise for me not to say anything at this point.  But we were told by the Embassy in Turkey to stay put.  Luckily we were able to return the next day, Sunday.

So we ended up staying an extra night, Saturday night which happen to have a BBQ/party for the 11th wedding anniversary of the owners, Butch and Hundun.  Plus there were many other close friends who came to the dinner.  Below are pictures of the celebration.IMG_0925IMG_0588JPG IMG_0589JPG IMG_0590JPG IMG_0595JPG IMG_0599JPGIMG_0918JPGThe next day we all gathered for a final picture.  There several of these and I had to find the best one of me smiling.  Understand, I was indeed smiling on the inside.IMG_0920This was truly an enjoyable and relaxing trip.  It was interrupted by the coup attempt which had many of the people in tears, but the resort was a good place to be at the time.  I realized the place was small and quint, yet it had the touches and style of the 4-5 star hotels I stay at.  Incredible place.  We are even discussing flying back here from Brazil, just to spend time at Han Sarigerme again.