This incredible city is one of the few places in the World that I feel uncomfortable being in.  Not near as much as the cities in Afghanistan, but still a place that my core does not like.  Hopefully, I will be there only once more before heading back to the States, and will leave it for the good man who will replace me in Ankara.

But, regardless of how I feel, I am amazed at the beauty of the place.  This may be hard for some of you to understand, but Gaziantep has some of the best food I have ever eaten, with the exception of BBQ in Ron’s backyard.

The only pictures I have to show you are of a section of the market area where several of us went to purchase lamps that are made in Gaziantep.  I purchased a set which we will leave packed up until we get to Sao Paulo.IMG_0458JPG IMG_0455JPGIMG_0457JPG IMG_0456JPGBelow is the type of lamp I purchased.IMG_0459JPGThe following images are taken inside the first coffee company in Turkey.  Or at least that is what I am told.IMG_0463JPGIMG_0462JPGIMG_0467JPGIMG_0460JPGI went up the stairs and took the following pictures below. IMG_0465JPG IMG_0464JPGA picture of the Brew-Master below.IMG_0466JPGThe group of us trying the pistachio coffee.  An amazing smooth and sweet coffee!IMG_0461JPGIMG_0469JPGAnd lastly, a quiet evening outside the hotel before leaving the next morning.IMG_0451JPGWe are heading to a resort in MUĞLA, Turkey Monday morning and will take a week-long and well deserved vacation.  I should be able to post another butt-load of pictures.