In past postings, I mention a pretty lady who works in the Embassy who first appeared shy, but gradually started feeling comfortable enough to talk to me.  Her job at the Embassy was a purchasing clerk in the Security Office, and she would come into our office to get signatures and deliver paperwork, then simply smile and leave.

Eventually, I got her to stop by and fill her coffee cup from time to time.  As I got to talking to her one day, I asked how her weekend was and she mentioned that she danced all weekend.  So, I asked her what kind of dancing she did, and she told me mostly salsa and was learning ballet and hip-hop.  After a few more discussions, I found out she dances in Turkey and all over Europe.  She is well known in all the dance festivals.

She and two others started a school of dance in which she teaches salsa and other forms of the art.  After two years of being around her, we started discussing her life and all it offered her.

Her expertise did not come easy as she has been dancing for many years.  She once told me she didn’t have a coach at first and had to learn what she could on her own.  She is to the point now that her joy is teaching, and she is only 27 years old.

She has a tattoo on her waist that you can see in her videos on YouTube which says, Dancing is my life.  And it is true.  On her back is the quote from Nietzsche, “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”.13124637_10153641078009021_445031861838330015_nImage from her Facebook page.

About a month ago, she confided to me that she was thinking about moving on.  She said she was having problems with her dance partner but I think her soul was just restless.  She didn’t elaborate, nor did she need to.  She was looking for a change.  Then an individual she knew down in the Bodrum area offered her a job as the Dance Team lead at several of the resorts in the area.  She thought about it and discussed it with me.  She really didn’t need to, because I have learned that Selin gives herself a deadline to decide, then makes up her mind and never looks back.  Nor does she regret it.

So, she accepted the offer and today at noon, I caught her on her way out and gave her a hug and kiss on each cheek and reminded her how proud I was of her.  She tells me she will contact me the next time she is in town, but as busy as she is and the number of friends she has, I expect it will not happen.  That is okay though.  She has given me an insight on what a true success in Life is.  I wish her many years of continued success.  She deserves it.

I have met my share of Politicians and I was not impressed.  Sport Stars are overpaid.  Those on the Silver Screen are paid to pretend to be someone they are not and they irritate me.  Writers and Artists I consider to be my colleagues.  I have a respect for people of the Sciences.  But people like Selin who surpassing their goals is simply a way of life, are the ones who put me in awe.  She is doing what she loves and when she is ready, she moves on to another goal and never looks back.  People like her are few and far between, and I am amazed that she considers me as a friend who she can confide in.

I noticed a quote she posted on her Facebook page:  “My happiness in life is summed up in my ability to give people a shred of a smile that I can capture …”

I believe this to be so.IMG_2028sSelin is a true success in Life.   … and someone I consider a friend.