Last Saturday we had another one of our WingFest.  We sent out about 70 invitations, knowing maybe half will accept.  With that number expected, about 35, we ordered 18 kilograms of chicken wings, which is about 40 pounds.  The cafeteria at the Embassy precooks them for us and then Terese finishes them with her sauce and a quick crisping in a hot oven.  We actually had about 40 adults and a few kids show up.  As they entered, I told them my mother is 900 years old and wants pictures, so “Is it okay if I get you in a picture?”  No one objected.

We especially wanted to invite some of the new people in the neighborhood, along with some Turkish friends of ours.  We also invited the Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission who is second only to the Ambassador.  He and his wife graciously accepted.  I was sure to be downstairs to greet them when his motorcade arrived.  Later that evening, when they left, I took a small tray of wings and gave them to his body guards.  They were most appreciative.   Additionally, at the end of the evening, when everyone had their fill, I took a tray of wings and a carton of orange juice down to the guard house of our apartment compound.  Then, what was left, the Marines took back to the other Marines who were not able to come.

So, I took a butt-load of pictures, picked the best and posted them with a few comments below.

IMG_3368s IMG_3371sTerese and I with the Deputy Chief of Mission and his wife.

IMG_3373s IMG_3374s IMG_3375sIMG_3378s IMG_3383s IMG_3386sIMG_3394sBelow is our resident Seabee and above is his wife and two quiet kids.  They are expecting a third little one within the month.IMG_3396s IMG_3387sIMG_3403s Then three of the Marines showed up.  Above is when they first arrived and below after they ate and was relaxed.  Now, don’t get them mixed up with Serkan, the crazy Turk in the colorful shirt.IMG_3408sIMG_3390sThese two beautiful ladies come to our WingFest every time, and I if don’t watch them, they will start cleaning the kitchen.  Left is Zeynep and right is Sezin.  Sezin can’t keep her eyes open for flashes.  Never did get one of her with her eyes open.IMG_3416s IMG_3417s IMG_3418sIMG_3420sAbove is my boss and his pretty wife.  When the kids are at home, the stress on their faces go away.

In the following pictures you will see Serkan.  If you remember last year, we attended the wedding between him and our friend Allison.  She is from the Texas Panhandle and he is a Turkish Guard at the Embassy.  He is a vibrant individual who has more energy than anyone I know.  I am convinced I lose weight just being around him, but I also age faster.  So you will notice I look much older when I am with him.IMG_3412s                      His Texas wife is the pretty lady on the right, below.IMG_3411s IMG_3437s IMG_3435sIMG_3431sIMG_3438sAllison is currently working in Iraq and will complete her mission in June.  Afterwards, she and Serkan will move to Virginia.  They will take a vacation down to Texas to see her parents and friends in the Panhandle and are planning to make a trip to Lubbock to see what a 900 year old woman looks like.  I have a feeling she will actually become a few years younger around him, unlike me who aged.  It will also be good for Serkan who considers himself to be a Texan.  Rightfully so, as Texas has many characters like him and he will fit right in.