We took a few days off and went down south to the Cappadocia area of Turkey.  Yes, the same Cappadocia mentioned in the Bible.  We were there a year ago, but was unable to do much that weekend.  This time we explored the area.  The best way to express how amazing this area of the World is, is to post a mess of pictures.  Images that are mind-boggling.  What you will see, are remnants of volcanoes back when man was just a sparkle in God’s eyes.  After millions of years of erosion, what was left was porous stacks of the volcano core.img_3498 img_3496 img_3491 img_3490 img_3488img_3487 img_3486 img_3485 img_3470img_3469 img_3468 img_3466 img_3463 img_3460img_3459Now, I know what you are thinking…  “Mr. Nolte, there appears to be people living in these strange things!”

And I would reply, “Yes!”  And as a matter of fact, here is the one of the offices of the local Jandarma.  (police)img_3465And needless to say, places like these have tourist traps strewn all through, but that just makes the place more interesting.img_3458img_3495img_3482Including an occasional damn cat.

Next I will tell you about Ariif, friend of Halil, and the Selcuklu Evi Cave Hotel and the $6000 rug.