If you watch the news like I do, you will know there were approximately 5.1 million people who entered illegally across our southern border since Biden took over. It is estimated 900 thousand slipped through the cracks, which are smuggling drugs, or they are terrorist who will wait until told to act. They smuggle in drugs like fentanyl, which in 2022 alone killed 109,680 people. It is manufactured from products from China.

80% of the women and girls are raped crossing into the U.S. They are told when they approach the authorities, to use the word “asylum”. Our government gives them comfortable beds, food and phones and then let them loose in the US. Most of the children are snuck in and used for child sex trafficking or labor to pay off the cartel smugglers. I am angry, because I see the illegal aliens pour into our border with no control in sight.

I always try to be the honest person we all should be, so since I met Dani, I worked with just over 200 pages of documentation and paid over $3500 which includes various fees and travel, but it was infuriating knowing we were competing with those who break our laws to slip in front of us in line.

But Dani has now been notified that her permanent visa (Green Card) has been approved.

I got the notification while we were eating on the coffee table watching the news today. I laid the phone on the table for her to see, then got up and moved the coffee table out, knowing she would want to dance. She did not, she picked up the phone and looked at it in shock. It has been a long three years and many frustrating conversations between us, and she had to digest it until it became something real.

But all the time, paperwork and patience has paid off. She can now plan to travel to Brazil to see her family and attend her Jujitsu graduation she missed.

Good for her. There are things in life that make one smile beyond measure, and Dani is one of these rare individuals who deserve everything good that comes their way.

Please take the time to congratulate her.