Eventually, the software started identifying the bird species. It is not very accurate as it keeps trying to tell me the squirrels are birds. Last count, it identified them as 17 different species. I could get more accurate identification by having my daughter doing it from 1700 miles away. (crow flight)

This bird feeder camera has the ability to share with others. Since my wife’s sister who lives down in the Southern Hemisphere loves birds, we sent her the link so she can watch them in live time. To make this even more interesting, her little 6 year old daughter also finds it fascinating so she watches them almost continuously.

But the little niece has discovered a microphone icon on the screen that enables her to talk to the birds & the damn squirrels. So, she sits in a house 5000 miles away (crow flight) and talks to birds and the damn squirrels in my backyard. I haven’t been out in back to hear her, but it find it fascinating. … the little stinker.

As you can see in the image, the feeders of the feeder has emptied the feed again, and I filled it the day before yesterday. I found my nefarious slingshot and now trying to find where I put the 68 caliber paint balls (red). When I do, I will sit outside with whiskey and cigar and patiently wait for one of the squirrels to come and feed again,  …. after running back to Walmart to get more feed, or course. I just need to make sure the little niece doesn’t see me.

Unfortunately, there is a side effect to this scenario. It seems when she is watching the feeder, I cannot connect to the live camera. It appears only one viewer at a time can watch; but that itself is inconsequential as I love the idea she is talking with them from 5000 miles away (crow flight)

Find the fascination of things in Life and you will never be bored.