We tend to become like our parents.

Remember how Mom and Pop would sit and watch the birds?

I purchased a bird feeder with a built-in camera. It would have been the perfect gift for them, especially for Mom in the past few years to be able to sit in her house and see what birds have come to feed in her yard. This model has an AI (artificial intelligence) that can identify up to 6000 species.

So, below are some of the videos taken of the birds:







Now if you are sharp-eyed like me, you noticed that one of those is not a bird, and you would be correct.

The camera is amazing, but most unfortunately, the software is not. I have not been able to get the AI to identify the birds. So, even though I noticed one of those is not a bird, the software didn’t notice any of them. I am communicating via email with the manufacturer and so far I am not pleased.

But I find myself thinking how MotherDear would be in awe at seeing birds like this in her yard, even if the software is not working.

I will keep working.

BTW, they finished off all the seed I had in it, so back to Walmart.