As the clock ticks away, I am headed for retirement whether I want it or not.  This includes reams of paperwork, for not just retirement, but packing out of the apartment, transferring back to the States and dealing with Green Card paperwork.

Right now I am waiting for paperwork so I can schedule my apartment to be packed up and sent back to the States.  Without it, I can not move on plans.  The paperwork is two weeks late, and I don’t know whether I will get it in time to make it to Texas before Thanksgiving.

But I have been able to start the process of sorting out the apartment.  I am a collector of things that I will throw away someday, so it has been a slow process.  But it has begun and here is the first evidence of it. * Update.  Just today, I received the notice that I will pack out on Monday & Tuesday. It will be a stressful next few days.

BUT … this weekend is the Marine Ball, and although I am not a party person, it will be good to have a distraction.  I will post what pics I take.