It has been awhile, but we will pick up where I left off.

We finished preparing for the pack-out, doing our best for the time we had which is never enough.  No matter how thorough we are, there will always be hitches. The packers came and did their thing as shown below:Then the following day, they hauled it all off.All in all, it was a relief to have it completed.  The only problem I had, they packed away a power charger for my little travel laptop.  No problem, I thought, I will just get online and order another to arrive in Texas.  It was not that easy.  I ordered three different chargers and no matter how they said it would fit my little laptop, they did not.  To this day, I still have not found a replacement.

Yes, I will eventually get it back, but it will be late next year.  But I cannot fathom how the packer did it, since it was plugged in under a table at the time.

But from that time on, all we had to do was relax and enjoy the short week before we flew out to Texas.  That waiting period also included the Marine Ball and the Feast of the Fatted Pig.

The Marine Ball.

My respect for these good people is high.  I took the opportunity to buy tickets for about a half dozen people who had never been to a Marine Ball before, or was unable to go, due to the expense. At every Marine Ball, they always honor the youngest and the oldest Marine present.  This year’s oldest Marine is the good man below in white hair.During the noisy music and dancing part, when most everyone is out jiggling and wobbling on the dance floor, he and his loving wife stood in a close embrace and just gently rocked back and forth.  I found it to be most beautiful, and when they finished and walked back to their table with his wife supporting him, I gave him a “thumbs up”.  I wish I could have personally thanked him for his service, but my emotions would not let me.

Here are pictures of the birthday cake, and the table that is always set aside for the Marines who never returned home.Give me a few days and I will post pictures from the Feast of the Fatted Pig.

Until then, smile and kick butt.  D.