The famous Rio …

Last week and through the Easter weekend, I helped others work on the tear-gas system at the consulate in Rio de Janeiro, which has to be done on the weekend when no one else is around.  And during the off hours, we headed to the beach across the road from the hotel.

The beach is the famous Coco Cubano Beach that you have heard over the years.  I took several pictures, mostly from the terrace of the hotel 24 floors up.  Enjoy the beauty. The beach is quite crowded during the day with vendors everywhere trying to sell you all sorts of items.  Hats, umbrellas, scarves, fancy drinks, chicken, sunglasses, ice cream, beer, swim suits, fried cheese and many other things.  Additionally, it was pleasant to watch the playful local fauna.This is a sand creation that an artist makes every day.  I took the picture and suddenly the artist told me I had to pay.  I reached in my pocket and pulled out a 2 real note.  About 60 cents.  I should have given more because of the mastery of the creation.

And as the day wound down and people drifted away, crews were busy collecting trash and cleaning the place up.  A few hours later when the darkness returned, the beach was pristine again. I was there during the full moon, which in itself seems to be magical.And as with any beach you go to, there is a tranquility that takes place as the sun begins to set.  Same here.  People would find a place just to sit and watch this daily, yet captivating part of the day.Captivating part of the day, doesn’t serve it justice.  What would you call it Dear Reader?