Around the neighborhood, I have been seeing yellow bicycles sitting at various places, and it was pointed out to me these bikes could be borrowed anytime you saw one.  You would download an App online and then scan the barcode on it with your phone.  The bike would then unlock the back wheel, and you were free to use the bike for a certain length of time, for a fee of course.

And now I see the bikes have been replaced with scooters.  Yellow at first and now I see groups of green ones.  They have a barcode to scan, then you can take off with it.  They are also electric and move very quickly along the street.  I would guess at least 20 mph.I looked online to see what it costs, and found it is Br$2 (about 60) to unlock the scooter and an additional Br$2 for every 5 minutes, with the first 2 minutes free.  Plus they have lights at night and colorful lights underneath them.  I assume there is a vehicle that runs in the area at night to collect them since they all have GPS, charge them back up and place them back in groups at strategic locations.

Actually, a pretty clever idea if you ask me.  I even thought about getting one to go to and from work, which would be about one US buck a trip, but I can also see myself running over an old woman or someone walking their dog, and then I would go tumbling down the street at 20 mph.

So, I decided against it.