I am my father’s son in many ways.  I hate having to listen to commercials on TV.  Many commercials insult the intelligence of any cognizant viewer; and those viewers who are not cognizant, will just cherish the celebrities and the fantasies they portray.

Many years ago, my parents purchased a new color TV.  Since I am a strange technical guy by the standards of the time, I installed a switch on a cable that plugged into the back of the TV, where Pop could turn the sound off of the commercials.  He was elated.  I personally would have used it for his Lawrence Welk shows also, but I didn’t suggest it to him.

So, fast forward decades later; I am sitting on my couch eating hot wings watching the old movie, The Magnificent Seven with Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and several others, and every time a commercial comes on I have to use a knuckle that has the least sauce on it, to push the mute button on the remote.

Now, a quick side note here.  I have all sorts of gadgetry in my apartment, most of it connected to the strange Alexa/Echo I have scattered about.  There is a little black module I paid maybe $12 for that will turn my air conditioners on in my living room and bedroom.  So when I am sitting at my Portuguese class at the Orange Bar, I can open an app on my phone and turn on the AC as I head home.  See the black module below:Well, the same little black module will also do its magic on anything that uses remotes, such as my TV, Stereo and DVD player.  So, I was surprised, no …. thrilled to find out that if I say, Alexa, mute the TV, she does!

Ya know, Life is damn good!

Now for the subject you have been waiting with abated breath; I think my gluten intolerant is just gluten sensitive.  But since we have last visited, I have been baking gluten free breads in my bread maker (BM).  As I sit here writing this, my BM has a nice loaf cooking and should be ready to remove and cool down in 32 minutes.  I am amazed at the flavor of these breads.  I will probably gain 10 pounds this month alone.  I eat far more bread than I did several months ago.

I would be lying if I said the bread mixes were cheap, because they are not.  That is where the amazing Capitalism comes in, because these small companies that make the breads (gluten and gluten free) have to make them worth paying extra for, and I will gladly purchase them.

I will hold off an hour or so to publish this, so I can add a picture of the loaf that is currently cooking.  Until next time, kick butt and take any adventure Life lays in front of you; and eat the good gift of nature, bread.Done.  Fini.