As you may have noticed, I did indeed not die.  I just have to be careful on how much normal bread I consume in one setting.  … unless I am with my older sister.

And now I have directed my endeavors to becoming a FryMaster to add to all my other “Masteries”.  I purchased an air fryer sometime back and use it mostly for chicken wings, but then I decided to try my hand at making gourmet french fries.

I remembered in years past that MotherDear had a potato slicer and so I went online and found the best product to slice potatoes into fries.  It will cut 3/8″ and 1/2″ – just what I needed.  See below the first batch of sliced potatoes.After the first attempt, I realize the best way to fry fries is with with a deep oil fryer.  The air fryer just does not do it correctly, but it gives me the chance to experiment with various ways of flavoring the fries.

I did use the fryer to toast a new invention of mine: Toasted tomato and mozzarella cheese with basil and garlic spread on a gluten free black bread.  I could tell you it was amazing and it needed nothing else, but I would be lying, but it does give me the ability to perfect it. I will endeavor and will succeed.  On another note ….

Most days after I get off work, I will stop at my Portuguese class which I call the Orange Bar, to have a few drinks, practice my Portuguese with Luciano and watch the local fauna walk by.

I realize that Brazilians love their dogs.  With 3 or 4 pet shops or veterinarians in the area, I see many people walking their dogs, and they take very good care of them.  It seems to fit the idea that Brazilians are happy on the inside.

One day as I sat watching everyone, a kind looking gentleman walked by with his dog that seemed to have seen many years and stopped at one of the tables, and the Master ordered a beer.  The dog appeared to be very well behaved and sat down on the concrete.

When it was time for me to leave, I walked past them and with hand gestures asked the Master if I could pet his companion.  He said something I did not understand, but since I have never had anyone tell me No, I thought it would not be a problem.  I bent down to the animal and the Master quickly motioned me away!

Okay, do not pet the dog…

I do not know why I was not allowed to pet him, because when the waiter brought the dog a bowl of water, he affectionately touched his nose.  No matter what it was, if the answer is No, accept it and move on. But I will note how beautiful the animal is …

Until next time, kick butt and look for new adventures.          D.