At the last minute, I decided to host a Christmas Eve wingfest and I had some very pretty ladies show up.  There were three in particular that made the evening … er, chaotic, but everyone survived.  Below are pictures of Ava and Anna sitting with several of us at a nearby restaurant before the wingfest.  They were sitting on a bench and waving at the vehicles on the street.Then during the actual wingfest, I caught the two sisters at various places in my apartment looking guilty of something or another.And the third pretty girl is Kwynn who I often have the pleasure of visiting with.  She the little one in the middle.  You’ve seen her before squealing at the  irritating mechanical furry animals in the previous post.Additionally, there were two other couples, one who were the parents of the two previous ornery girls and a little one that is new to Brazil.And some of the food prep :I always enjoy hosting these and have several other people who I need to invite.

And before I leave you again, I wanted to show you a gift a “friend” gave me for Christmas.  She said it reminded her of me.  Seriously, I never saw myself as a John Wayne type of guy.