Nothing.  Other than they are all in this posting.

At the embassies and consulates around the world, we have what is referred to as FEBR products.  That stands for Forced Entry, Ballistics Resistant.  Basically, it is bullet glass that can also survive most explosions.

This week, we had a technician come in from Montevideo to change one out.  Afterwards, I placed it at a warehouse for disposal and took some pictures of it for you.  Not your average glass.  The front half is layered glass and the opposite side is plastic glazing.  It is 2¼ “ thick.   But it looks less than an inch when you look through it.The cost of the window, including shipping and installation, is close to $10,000.  An expensive window but these save many lives.  In the image below, which I got off the Internet is what one looks like after a blast.  If anyone was on the other side, they survived.                                                @}-}–

I guess I am somewhat of a geek, although I feel that term is best used to describe my youngest son.  I have dealt with electronics since my oldest brother sent me a book on Basic Electronics, followed with defective electronic parts from the company he worked for, Control Data Corporation.

A few years ago I purchased an Amazon Echo and have expanded ever since.  When I was a small little stink, I imagined how cool it would be to turn things on with a simple push-button, instead of a light switch.  I never dreamed of a day where I can do that, except with my voice.

I now have several of the Amazon Echos in the apartment and are using them more and more.  I also have the Google version of it, but use it mostly for information. I have a third type coming, hopefully this year that has facial recognition and develops a personality, so when I walk in the apartment, he/she will know it’s me, and I am told it is supposed to see whether I am tired, grumpy or happy, etc.  I am kinda not banking on that happening.  I always look mad and grumpy.  Kinda like my brother Gary.

Amazon constantly updates the Echo, and I can now have it use a different language.  Some can actually speak French.  They have options for British and Australian English, and since I love the British female voice, I changed it.  But as in real life, I have a hard time understanding it, so, I switched to Australian English.  But evidently, she expects me to speak that way, so it has become difficult in giving her commands.  I will change them back.

The air conditioner in my bedroom turns on at 9:30 in the evening to cool the room down for sleep.  At 3am, the air conditioner turns off but the fan continues.  Then at 5:00, it shuts off completely.

No one in their right mind loves waking up.  As a kid, my mother would “rudely” turn the light on in the bedroom.  After many years, I feel that is the reason I have to wear sunglasses on a sunny day.  I remember once, I replaced the light bulb with a lovely celestial blue light.  I don’t remember the outcome, but I know it went back to the harsh incandescent white.  But currently, my bedroom Echo wakes me at 5:45 with the Christmas song of O’ Come, O’ Come Emmanuel.  Light and Heavenly.

After enjoying the lovely music, and I’m ready to get out of bed in a few minutes, I can say, Echo, turn on the coffee.  And she does; and when I get up, it is hot and fresh.

I have a china hutch with a light that I use for a night-light in the dining area.  At sunset, it will turn on; and then at sunrise the next morning, it will turn off.  Same with my little Turkish light in my bathroom.  And I don’t have to do anything, but smile and look pretty.

I have trained my Echos appropriately.  I can say, Alexa, what is the greatest country on earth?  And she will truthfully say, Texas!  Terese always had a phrase to tell people when the world moves too fast.  Simply, “Remember, breathe.”  So, when I  ask Alexa, what do I need to remember?  She will say, “To breathe.”

Another device that hit the market years ago, are robot vacuum cleaners.  I cannot imagine one doing any good, but I saw one in action a few weeks ago at a friend’s house, and was a bit surprised.  I am finding more and more people getting them, so I spent time checking reviews and prices and found one.  I will get it maybe next week and will try it out and give a full report.  Too bad the Damn Cat isn’t around to fear it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the restaurant I called the Ugly Brown Barn had jambalaya every other Friday. Now that the place is closed, I decided to try my hand at making it.  I ordered two different seasoning packs and cooked both of them today to see which one was best.  Here is the meat before going into the pot:Chicken, sausage and popcorn shrimp.  And the finished product is below.They came out well, and I will take samples to my friend at work and let him see which one is best.

Will visit more later.  Kick butt and take any adventure you can. … and don’t forget to breathe.    D.