It is very nice having someone come to the apartment once a week to do the things I don’t want to do, but the young lady that does, seems to have a mind of her own.  I don’t know if she is into energy conservation, or just wants to pester me.

I have little green dots on the washer and dryer to show her which settings to use, but she insist on using what she wants to use.  I want my clothes double-rinsed and she does not.

When I come home, the settings are thus:I have a small Turkish lamp in my bathroom that stays on 24/7.  It never gets shut off, except my her.  I even removed the switch so she wouldn’t shut it off, but then she just unplugs it.  Below is what the lamp looks like in the evening:And this is what it looks like before Camila:And this is what it looks like after Camila:And my bath mats get re-arranged.  Below is what they look like before Camila:… and after Camila:Same with the pillow things I don’t want on the couch.  Here is before Camila:… and after Camila:I could translate a note to her telling her to cut that crap out, but then it wouldn’t be fun putting things back.  Some people would get upset and chastise her, but I have learned to see Life through Terese’s eyes; though minor, it’s just another interesting adventure.  But I do need to tell her not to move the settings on the washer/dryer.  Sometimes she uses hot water, and I learned that destroys many of my shirts.

– additional minor things to share.  Remember the pickles?  They came out well, except for being too salty.  Still eatable, but I will have to locate a recipe for pickle juice that I can modify.

Visit more next year.  Happy New Year, etc. etc.        Kick butt, D.