The professional pictures from the Marine Ball have been posted for all to see, so I picked off a few to show you the decor.Many people had their picture taken with the Marines, and I was one as seen below.  The guy with the white pants is the “Gunny”, or Det. Commander.  Good guy.  The joker with the blue tie is me.Speaking of Marines, several joined me and a friend at the Irish pub we like to go to.  Here is a pic of us.  The pretty girl is engaged to the Marine next to her.Last Friday, I got myself invited to a BBQ put on by the good guys in the Facilities Dept.  The Carpenters, Electricians, HVAC guys, etc.  I found this to be most interesting, because it showed me the Brazilian way of BBQ, much unlike ours in the States.  They place meat on the grill, cook it and place it on the table and slice it.  People come around and eat some of it.  Several pieces of meat are on the grill continuously and the preparations, cooking and serving is a slow process with everyone mingling around.Each piece of meat, when done is placed on the white cutting board on the counter and sliced for all to come by and get a piece.  The dark bags on the white table in front has bread in them.  So, the BBQ lasts several hours as the cooking takes place.  During all this, several of the guys brought out their drums.  The first movie below is a short one a little over a minute, and the second one is about two and a half.  Click on them to bring them up.  Someone will have to download these for MotherDear to view, since the resolution on her computer is so low.

Drums #1

Drums #2

As I sat there being a part of this, I realized I was the only American there.  I had essentially invited myself, and yet they welcomed me completely.

Another incredible adventure of Life.