Last Thursday, a moving crew came in and packed up what we had in our apartment.  That was the forth pack-out we have endured.  Every time, things get packed up and things we need, do not.  So far, from what we can tell, we are missing a set of keys that may cost us somewhere about $200 to replace.

These people move so quickly, we have to be watching every move.  There were only three men, and only two of us.

Below are pictures of the packed up apartment after they were through. The next day, they came back and loaded everything into a truck and drove off.

IMG_0715JPG IMG_0717JPG IMG_0718JPG IMG_0710JPGhallwayAnd below is the remaining apartment minus one third of our worldly possessions.

IMG_0724JPG IMG_0722JPG IMG_0721JPG IMG_0719JPG… and who did the most work?IMG_0716JPGWe head out to Washington DC on Sunday morning. In the coming weeks, I will sit and think about this incredible country with its astounding people and visit with you about it.  It will be a few weeks.  Until then, kick butt.  D.