Got my camera back so now I get to throw some pictures up on the screen.  Enjoy.

101_8203 101_8224 101_8230101_8206 101_8233 101_8229 101_8226 101_8225101_8223 101_8218 101_8214 101_8212Below are our two Regional Security Techs.  These two good men make our jobs easier.  The gentleman on the right is Aydin, who travels with us and causes things to happen where otherwise they would get bogged down.  On the left is Savas who is an expert on the explosion-proof doors and windows that are used at Embassies and Consulates.  He is sent all over the world because of his abilities.

101_8217The picture below could be misconstrued to something other than the truth.  Suffice to say, the kiss was not consummated.  …. I don’t think.   And for you kids, this is what alcohol will do to you.101_8219Below is a picture of us with a couple who recently got married.  They were the ones in a previous post.  She is from the Texas Panhandle and he is a resident of Turkey.  They plan to be in Lubbock Texas this May and want to drop by and visit with an incredible 96 year old Texas Lady.  He is looking forward to it and every time he sees me, he tells me he has the perfect gift for my mother.

Also, notice the multiple photo-bombing in the background.101_8209We very much enjoy hosting these and every fest brings more people.  What started with just 20-25 people, has swelled to 50-60.  There would have been more people at this one, but Valentine’s Day was the following day, so the turn-out was smaller.

Until the next Wingfest, eat your wings, drink your beer and kick butt.