The Wingfest was a success as they usually are.  Many indulged in wings and sat and drank together.  Much jocularity took place.  But … I left my camera on top of the host’s refrigerator and will not have it in my possession until next weekend.  So, until then …

Winter is here in Ankara.  Has been for several months.  Ironically, when I worked several weeks in warm Adana which is close to the Mediterranean coast, Ankara received several dumpings of snow.

The Turks are not good drivers.  They are always in a hurry when they drive and will cut you off to get in front of you at a light.  So when the snow and ice comes to Ankara, it is often comical to sit at our 7th floor windows with coffee and watch the spinouts on the street below.

At one point, the snow was so heavy, when Terese took a taxi to the Embassy, the driver gave up just a few blocks along, stopped at an intersection and said, “Bitti.” (it’s finished) and left her on the curb.  “No charge,” he stated as he drove away to get through the intersection and head back the direction he came.

Luckily, she was able to stop a more daring taxi driver.

About a month ago, the woman went out with one of her more rambunctious friends and while climbing into a taxi, her phone jumped out of her purse and landed in the street.  An alert valet saw it fall out but was not able to get it at the moment.  He saw several men pick it up and pocket it.  When he was free, he went and forced them to give it back.  The next day, with the help of a Turk in the Embassy, phone calls were made and it was found.  Later that day she had it back.  The SIM card was removed, but she was able to get a replacement.

So, all was good for a few days.

When I check out of a hotel, often I will forget my phone charger.  So I ordered some cheap ones from Amazon.  Ten of them for $11.36.  A real bargain.  But I did violate one of my rules for ordering off the Internet: Read the reviews.

31x13-kxr8LSo I gave one to Terese to use and she plugged her phone into it; the phone that was previously lost and now found.

The next morning as we headed off the work, her phone would not come on.  The nifty little charger I gave her showed evidence that the smoke inside escaped, and the breaker feeding the receptacle it was plugged into was tripped.  All this was not a good sign.

Further inspection determined her $600 phone was fried.  Evidence on it indicated the smoke escaped from it also.  All in all, it was not a pretty picture.  No.  Not a pretty picture.

So, she now has a new phone, not as nice as the one which gave up the ghost, but nice enough.  In the months that will follow, she will set money aside, a little at time and later purchase a new one, perhaps in the summer when we are home in the States.

So, until I get my camera back and can post some pics, kick butt and read the reviews.    D.