Everyone has a favorite season.  I always liked the spring with its storms and promise of warm weather.

Here in Ankara, autumn came in a heart beat.  There was only a two week defining period of change from summer to autumn.  A few weeks ago, we were enjoying weather in the upper nineties and lightly touching a 100.  Within two weeks, the weather went from the heat to the 60-70’s, and stayed there.

Below are pictures I took from our apartment during that short period.IMG_2851IMG_2856 IMG_2855IMG_2853IMG_2854IMG_2852IMG_2857Last Friday was the start of a Turkish holiday.  The Embassy will not open back up until Wednesday.  Terese and I will not be there though, as we have a reservation for a boat ride down by Bodrum on the Mediterranean coast.  I will take my little camera with me and hopefully get some phenomenal images.

Until then, keep kicking.    D.