Yesterday was my lovely wife’s birthday, and it just happen to coincide with the Oktoberfest celebration at the German Embassy.  So, it was an easy gift to her from me.

I’m not a social dancer, so I just enjoyed sitting and watching others and spending time outside under the smoker’s tent with the rain coming down.  I will always meet interesting people while there.  Below, the people are starting to fill in.

101_7991 101_7992 101_7995 101_7996101_8002101_8004Then comes the best part.  The food.101_7999 101_7998Below is a friend of ours enjoying the feast.101_8006And here is a couple of pictures of a beer fest lady.  One, with one of the beer girls who stood for several hours doing nothing but pour beer.101_7994 101_8007Below is a good friend of ours who works in the health unit at the Embassy.  I gave her one of mom’s books a few months ago.  101_8005As the night progressed, the music became louder, the beer kept flowing and people kept dancing.101_8003And below is a picture of a perfectly contented lady on her perfect birthday.101_8001Drink beer and eat well.   … and keep kicking butt.      D.