Last Sunday afternoon, while at my secluded spot on the 6th floor of the Boston building, I started hearing yelling and honking in the streets below.  My first thought was a wedding party driving by, which is not uncommon.  But within the hour, it became louder and continuous.  So, I asked the little waitress, Zanesh, what the ruckus was, and she said Ethiopia beat South Africa in football.

Many Americans do not fully comprehend World Football, commonly known as soccer in the States.  But it’s big business.  I’ve watched a few games on TV, but just could not get into it.  It would be like non-Americans watching NFL football.

Before leaving the club, I watched the hysteria on the streets below, which has now drawn people into the streets.  So when I left, I took a back way home, because the traffic on Bole was traveling at the revelers pace.  See picture below.


All the way home, at every intersection, hundreds were cheering and waving Ethiopian flags.  Most of the vehicles were driving with their flashers on.  So, since I was in “Rome” …  I turned my flashers on too; and as I passed the crowds, I waved like I was part of the celebration.  Once I was safely out of the commotion, I headed straight home where it was safe.

It’s been a busy few weeks and promises to get even more hectic.  Heading out for a two week trip in the next few days, then when we get home, start cleaning up and throwing away.  A team will come and pack us out next month and we need to be ready.

Sat with Hiwot a few minutes tonight and started talking about names.  As I mentioned before, her name means Life.  She said, when her mother was pregnant with her, she had Pre-eclampsia.  I think that is how it’s spelled.

The doctor told her mother that they will have to take the baby or she herself will die.  Her mother said, No, I give my baby life.  They told her, it will be either her or her daughter, but not both.  Even the Grandmother said, I want daughter, not grandchild.  Everyone was trying to get Hiwot’s mother to remove her so her mother will live.  Then Hiwot told us, When they argued with my mother, I came out!  So, her mother gave her the name of Life, since both of them lived.

We had our dinner party last Saturday with the four RSTs, my boss and several others from the office.  I cooked six chickens, but we ran out of food.  Everyone came, including those who said otherwise.  None-the-less, everyone had a good time.  One of the RSTs, (Solomon) brought his son and his niece.  So, I gave my camera to his son, because I really didn’t have time to take pictures.  I don’t know if the camera was set wrong, or he just couldn’t stand still long enough to take a picture, but they all are a little blurry.  Below is what I picked out that will be worth showing.

IMG_2520IMG_2525IMG_2578IMG_2567Michael, our friend and gardener, helped with the cooking.

IMG_2569Ayten with his daughter

IMG_2543Shawn and his son, Daniel.

IMG_2566Me getting to hold a baby.  –  Everyone had a good time, and we enjoyed seeing everyone’s families.                            More later.  Kick butt.