I went to the Italian food place on the hill and visited with Hiwot.  If you remember, she had HIV tainted blood shot into her eyes and was now having to take heavy medication which was making her groggy.  She was looking much better and seemed okay.  As it is with her, she started telling me what all was happening with her lately.

She went to her doctor, who became angry when he found out she was taking the medication she had.  Whoever it was who gave it to her, had given her a shot first then had her taking these high level pills.  Two at first.  She was so out of touch, she told me, she couldn’t read the cash register at work and was walking like “a drink of beer”.

Her doctor told her she should not be taking both the pills and the injections, and then proceeded to chew her butt out for not questioning whoever it was that gave her all the medication.  She lost a week of work and would wake up with her arms numb.  He told her not take the pills and go to the police station and tell them someone was trying to kill her!  He then told her, after a few more days, she would have become paralyzed!!.

Wow!  This is one of many reasons we do not go to a local doctor when we are ill.

Luckily, the little thing is back to her normal self after not taking the pills.

We will miss her most of all.