Hiwot delivered her first baby!  A little girl!

As I have stated before, I am convinced the Creator is a bit ornery.  Hiwot pulled some sort of shenanigan to postpone delivering a baby another week; but while she was at the hospital doing her clinical, a young woman came in from “outside city” in labor.  Basically, an emergency delivery.  The “Midwifer” made her do the delivery because, “I am senior nurse now” (Hiwot) .  When she saw the first time mother scared and crying, Hiwot started crying also.  The doctor said, “If you cry, you get out!”  Hiwot said, “I make myself strong.”  But the mother told the doctor, it made her feel good seeing Hiwot crying with her.

Hiwot said the mother held her hand so hard, it felt like she broke it.  “When husband asks if mother is okay, I tell him, I think she broke my hand.”  The doctor actually gave Hiwot an ice pack to put on it.  She says, “I can’t eat well, now”.

There is a great deal more she said, and I do my best to remember.  Although her English is rough, Hiwot loves to talk and carries a conversation very well.  I just follow every few words.

But, this made Terese and me very happy and we are proud of her.  We had a card made up for her and added some birr (Ethiopian money) to it.  When we left the restaurant this evening, we left it in the check holder.  When we got home, she sent us a text:  “I am so happy I don’t have any word to tell you jest thank you so mach.”

I replied back to her, “Thank you for bringing a new beautiful life into the world!”

What really touched me, she told us at the restaurant, “When I hand baby to family, I feel love!”

It’s amazing how people you come across, will enhance your view on Life and all its beauty!