This is Ethiopian Easter.

The last time we were at the hill eating dinner, Hiwot asked us if we would like to come to her house for Easter dinner.  When we realized she would be alone that evening, we asked her to come to our house instead.  Surprisingly, she agreed.  We gave her money for taxi and told her 3:00.

At four, she arrived and brought injera and bread with her and some Ethiopian chicken dish to add to the lamb and vegetables Terese cooked.  Usually she wears slacks and a white shirt at the restaurant, so it was nice to see her in an Ethiopian dress.  Below are a few pics. IMG_2473

IMG_2477IMG_2475During the dinner we talked.  She speaks pretty good English and loves to carry on a conversation.  For once, she actually got to sit and talk with us.  I hid a notebook nearby so I could jot down notes on what she said, and with Terese’s help, I can regale some of the conversation.  Only problem to that, is I can’t read what I scribbled down.  Anyone knows what, “Pehartion Sym Junestat Bot” means?

She doesn’t want to go to class tomorrow, because she knows she will probably have to deliver a baby, so she told her Instructor, she will not be in on Monday because of all she will eat on Sunday. (Easter).   The Instructor told her, I’ll have medicine waiting for you.

Last week, she was told that the Midwife will not tolerate anyone coughing or sneezing during the delivery, so Hiwot suddenly developed a cough.  The Instructor said, She was not coughing earlier!  But the Midwife said, No, get me another student, and sent Hiwot out.

I spoke with her about continuing her schooling to become a doctor and she said No, but the more we talked, the more she said she may.  She said the cost of continuing to become a doctor is 3000 birr a month. ($166).

I asked her if she is on Facebook and she said, Yes.  So I said, we will stay in touch with you and if you want to become a doctor, we will pay the tuition for you.  She said, Ok.

In a further conversation about being a Christian nurse, she said her mother told her:  “Christians not work for money but to help people.”  And then Hiwot stated, Every time I help someone, God writes it down.

To give you an idea of her outlook on Life, when we were talking about all she is doing with her life and education, she made the statement, What I have, I did.  What I don’t have, I don’t need.

Wow!  I wish I had that way of thinking.