Many years ago, I worked as an appliance delivery boy with an old black man, who I would say was the most interesting man I met to that date.  His name was Jerry and he loved eating pig’s feet.  One day, he brought me one so I could try the delicacy, but after seeing it laying in what appeared to be solidified grease, I politely handed it back.  I realized, pig’s feet is not my idea of a fine meal.

So, we do know pigs have feet, which if extrapolated out, you can surmise they also have knuckles.  Imagine if you will, pigs walking fretfully around the feed lot, knowing their number will soon be called, wringing their hands and popping their knuckles out of nervousness.  I would.

So, when I found out pork knuckles make a fine meal in Germany, I had to check it out.  How many pig knuckles do you think makes a meal?  The answer is, one.

My mother is one of these people who loves life and everything included in it.  Everything she hears about, she looks up on the Internet.  The day will come when she will wear out the Google website and it will no longer work.  So I decided to beat her to the punch and look up pig knuckle first, while the site still works.

It turns out that a pork knuckle, also known as ham hock, is the area of the leg that is just below what I would call the knee.  It has ample meat and quite delicious, I have found.

We went to a place called Adolf’s, which has some of the best pork knuckles in Frankfurt, Germany.  They do not sell beer, but they have plenty of Applevine, which translates to “apple wine”.  They serve it in a large heavy ceramic vase with a bottle of carbonated water.  Mix a little of the water with it and it’s nice.  Actually, I found it a little stiff until I drank a glass or two, then it wasn’t so bad.  Kinka like having to listen to German music.

So, here are the before and after pics of the pig knuckle: