One of Dani’s tasks is to clean the kitchen and just as with the rest of the house, there is a lot of stuff there. Many times, Dani will be cleaning the kitchen and before she is done, Uma comes in and starts cooking again. When you get right down to it, it’s her kitchen. It’s not unusual for Dani to clean the kitchen twice.

I love going to the kitchen because she always has some of the most unusual things there from her garden. Very much reminds me of Brazil. The brown things below are not bugs. Uma gave me one of the weird green things to take home and I placed on my desk so I can tell you about it. Over the next several days, it turned yellow and then one day, I came into the office and found this on my desk.

I wondered if it made any noise? Did I eat any of it? No.

One day, she had a large frying pan, probably 14 – 15″ in diameter on her cooktop which had some strange looking black stuff in it. My initial thought, it was something that got burnt and she was waiting for it to cool down before tossing it.

So, in my casual way, I asked, “Uma, what happened here?”

“That’s chicken livers,” which caused me to take a step back. She then went to her cupboard and took a large jar, without a label, and instead of reaching her fingers in and sprinkling some on the livers like they do on the cooking shows, she took a spoon and loaded it up and poured it in the skillet. The added a bit more for good measure. Then she took another unmarked jar and did the same.

Now, I must add, many times she will send food home with Dani, but luckily, not this time.