One of the amazing things in life is meeting interesting people, and I am convinced most people, if not all, can be interesting with the right questions and patience. Well, maybe not all, but most people.

Dani works part-time for an elderly Indian couple who are both retired doctors. Most days when I pick her up in the afternoon or evenings, I will go inside and visit with them. Uma is a Physical Therapist and Kris is an Immunologist. Both are in their mid seventies. Kris has had major issues with his heart and we don’t really know how much longer he will be around, but we are hoping for many more years.

So, Dani’s job is to straighten and clean the house, which also includes sorting out decades of living. I would guess the house would be close to a million in value, but as Indians go, it is cluttered. The house always smells like curry, which I actually enjoy since knowing them.

Uma is not a tall woman. Actually, she is shorter than Dani. I do not know how tall Kris is, because he is often bed-ridden and when not, he is in his wheel chair. I would love to get pictures of him, but, I have yet to see Kris wearing a shirt, and neither he nor I are photogenic without a shirt.

The first time I dropped in and ended up visiting with them, their married daughter Raji, took the wheelchair to his room and loaded him up. As I understand, he doesn’t like to visit with people, but I realize his daughter can pretty much get him to do just about anything.

So, she wheeled him in shirtless and parked him near me. During the short time I sat there, we got to talking about the places in the world each of us have been. Most of my places I went for work, whereas most of his was on holiday. Raji would go with him when she was young. Uma once told me, Kris never smiles in a photograph unless Raji is with him.

So we sat for close to an hour and then Raji took him back to bed. When she came back, she told me that was the first time he spent so much time talking to someone. Usually, he is ready to leave in 5 minutes. If it was not for both of us mis-understanding each other’s accent, I would love to sit with him for hours.

There is so much more to say about these good people, and if I spill it all out now, your minds will wonder off like our president’s. So, I will add a bit more later.