That’s what my wife calls me.

I would not call myself that, but I am a patriotic guy who loves my country. Even with all the BS taking place now, the country is still worth loving, which includes its flag. The Government, not so.

A few months ago, I noticed the flags on a bank in my town were in bad shape. So I took a picture of them and mailed them (snail mail) to the bank. I was a little rude with them, because they are a bank I detest. They have money oozing out the wazoo to feed their shareholders and not their customers.

The envelope had my name and return address, but no contact information is put on the letter inside, because I really don’t want a reply. But if the recipients do use my address to send a reply, what they say will tell me everything I want to know about them.

So, I am starting a new section showing the flags I have seen, and have sent mail to, and will also add the follow-ups. Just click on the flag to the left. Let me know if any of you have trouble accessing it.