There is a rock solid love between Dani and her sister, Flavia. If I didn’t know better I would have said they were twins. Dani does video calls with her sister, always lasting hours! Once I saw Dani in the backyard cutting the grass with her phone mounted on the lawnmower talking to her while cutting the grass. When they sit near each other, they are almost on top of each other. At one point when Dani and Flavia were leaving to go shopping together, Dani said she didn’t want to have to carry much so she would have one hand free to hold her sister’s hand. When they drink beer, they share the same can so it can be finished before it gets warm. Sounds logical to me. The next time I go somewhere with a brother, I will ask him if I can hold his hand, and when drinking coffee I will ask him if he wants to share the same cup so we can finish it before it gets cold. My brothers are logical people and should understand.

But all joking aside, I see the relationship with Flavia priceless. It is just down right beautiful! Visiting with her sister and family everyday makes it easier to be in a foreign country; even if it is Texas, the Greatest Country on Earth.

She will always have me, but she needs a constant connection to the beautiful family at home. Good for you, Dani. Good for you, Flavia.


We went to the store to get meat for Antonio’s BBQ and I am always impressed to see the available meats in the market. Brazilians love meat.

A few packages of beans, another staple of Brazil..

A couple dozen eggs, but check out the size of avocados, another of Brazil’s staple.

At the apartment we stayed at, there is a bar across the street with 4 karaoke rooms. The place is active until about 3 in the morning. At the bottom is a picture of people waiting to get in at 1am.

When we were at Dani’s mother’s apartment, I fixed hot wings for her, which she loves. So, I was trying to figure out how to start her oven when she came up and pushed a button and turned a knob, then lit a match and tossed it into the oven. FVOOOMP!! . . . and it lit.

I thought, Ah . . . No. We need to fix that. So Dani, Flavia and Antonio and I went out and looked for a new stove. Flavia found one on line and we purchased it. Above is the one that goes VFOOOMP! and below the new one. As of this posting, I understand Dani’s uncles have the stove hooked up to electrical and now, no more VFOOOMP.

Here is something I noticed that is common over much of the world.

Until next time . . . always look for tomorrow, for it is another chance to kick butt.

Also, just to let you know, the jeep sez, It’s oil changing time.