As mentioned earlier in a post, Dani now has her much deserved Green Card; so the first thing we did after we clinked our glasses of champagne was plan a trip to Brazil. It has been three years since she hugged her family and now she is doing it. I just sit back and watch, enjoy food and drink, and a big plus is watching the beautiful Brazilian people.

Many people do not realize that Brazil has more Japanese people than Japan. Many of the people I see are of Japanese descent, so it stands to reason that there are many great Japanese food places, especially in an area called Bairro da liberdade which has the most Japanese people. So we went to one of our favorites and pigged out. These are from the view from the upstairs restaurant.

I wished I would have gotten views of the inside. Crowded just like Japan itself. We chose to sit out on the balcony even though it was threatening rain. Below is the before and after of my plate.

Another place we happened across is this place that had different items.

Non-japanese food. I fear you will get bored seeing all these pics of food I am posting, but just remember . . . food is what makes life delicious. The first few is from the first meal we had with Dani’s sister and family. It is the typical Brazilin Feijoada.

Below is small meals with friends of ours.

This is a favorite pastry in Brazil called the Coxinha

This is what the hotel gave us every morning for breakfast. Simple and satisfying.

I am a bit disappointed that all these images came out a bit blurry. I promise, no whiskey was involved. The Cathedral of Sao Paulo is next. Stay tuned.