Ever heard of barklice?

We have a large tree in our backyard which has barklice. Sounds bad, huh? When we first noticed it, it looked like I would have to make another trip to Home Depot to ask the guys in the garden department what this was. I took these pictures of it.

It looks like a long spider web and travels up into the top branches. Click on the pictures and you will see better details. So before heading out to Home Depot, I did some research first. I found it is not caused by lice or spiders, but by a small bug about an 1/8″ in size. This little critter eats algae and fungus and has no ill effect on the tree. I remember earlier seeing algae growing on one side of the trunk, which then became covered with barklice, which has since moved elsewhere. So since it is not a deadly organism that will kill me dead if I touch it, I touched it and found it to be like fine fur.

Mother Nature is an incredible Woman, yet what we know of her is minuscule. I often think of those who pass on before us and wonder how amazing it must be to see how all the Universe is connected.

Next time I want to tell you about a recent chicken I sacrificed with a can of beer up its butt.