While I was home in Texas (tGCoE) for the last five months, I often found myself sitting with my 101-year-old mother and gently holding her beautiful hands.  No, they are not pretty, but they are beautiful.  One day as I sat with her, I began thinking of all the wonderful things she has done in her life.  Raised nine kids, which spawned multiple grand-kids who are growing their own families.  No telling how many cloth diapers she changed, or the number of runny noses she wiped, (not to mention bottoms).  She clothed us, fed us, put us to bed at nights and put up with all our shenanigans and she always prayed for us.  She wrote 7 books, several which affected the lives of many people and traveled to Međugorje, afterwards creating a website extolling its miracles.  She started going to Texas Tech University just for enjoyment and ended up graduating at the age of 89.  She is now at the age when she looks back at all she has done with her life, and she sees so much more she wishes she could do.  Living Life to the fullest will do that to you.

As I dwelt on this, it dawned on me … no, it hit me like a bug on a windshield, that during all the years I have known this precious lady, I have never seen her and Wonder Woman in the same room together!  Yep, my mother is Wonder Woman!  That explains everything.

I am so proud of all she has done!   D&D