I have been in Brazil for more than two years now, and I see more and more of what make Brazil so amazing, so incredible.  It is a country of sensuality, and not just sexual but a sensuality of all facets of human life.  I see it in their music, their dance and their art.  In the way they dress and the way they smile.  Even in their handwriting!  Very few print, but instead use the most amazing script I have ever seen.  Brazil is a country of lovers of Life and of each other.

A beautiful friend of mine in the Consulate has been married a few years now.  Her name is Carol (with the accent on the second syllable).  She is one of those individuals you instantly fall in love with, and her incredible husband made a video that perfectly shows the Love of Brazil.

Although most of us who read this blog do not understand the soft-sensual language of Portuguese, the video is still a pleasure to watch.  Especially the first two minutes of it.  Please click on it and enjoy.

I think they kinda like each other …  and it makes me smile inside.

What a stunning adventure of Life these Brazilians have.