After posting the Marine Ball pictures, I realized I forgot the most important one, where I had my picture taken with the Marines.  Here it is below.  I am the one in the middle smiling on the inside:The good Marine on the far left in white trousers, was the guest speaker.  Extraordinary gentleman.  Within the first few minutes of hearing him speak, I had a great respect for him.

A week earlier, we had our first Churchill Gathering of cigar smokers and hard drink drinkers.  There were about twelve of us which included three members of the feminine gender, two of which partook.  I took a picture of the group as we sat under a covering while Mother Nature poured rain down on us, probably trying to put out our cigars.  You will notice one good man whose face was covered by smoke.  He is one of my many bosses and even though you cannot see his face, trust me when I say he is a good man and I am proud to have him as one of my many bosses.So much for that.  Kick butt, look for the next adventure in Life and remember to always take time to breathe.