My good friend on the 14th floor, whose sink I severed my finger off in, has one of those strange little squat-body vacuum robots.  I was visiting her one afternoon when she showed it to me.  It was the cutest little thing but I thought, No way would it be of any use.  But just the fact it is a new movement in the technical area (on my ignorant level), I looked closer at it.

I ended up buying one since they have been on the market long enough to establish a good product.  The one I purchased from Amazon had the best reviews and price.  It is the DEEBOT.  Below is what it looked like after assembly.I sat it in its little charger home and a few days later decided to see if it was worth the purchase.  Using the remote control that came with it, I sent it off on its intended duty to clean the dining and living areas.  It took only a few minutes for it to get lost under the dining-room table amongst the chair legs.  I think it saw it as a dense forest.  So, I pulled all the chairs out so it will be able to finagle its way through.  Below is a video of it when it first comes alive. (one of the days, I need to figure out how to embed the videos directly into the post – if any of you little ones know how, please let me know)

Waking Up

And I like the way it will busily go about its work.  I like it going under the couch and love seat, looking for anything Camila missed while vacuuming.

Busy Busy

It took about an hour and then went back to its little charger home.  I picked it up like a flat little turtle and took it to the utility room and emptied its dust bin.  I was surprised what it had picked up on its task.  After only one run, it collected this:I am impressed and I will run it once a week.  I would fire Camila if this thing would empty the trash, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen and change the sheets on the bed.  Additionally, Camila is a bit better looking, as she like most Brazilians have cleavage.

But I like this little critter and will use it once a week.  … after Camila does her part.

Kick butt, go for any adventure Life puts in front of you, but remember ….  breathe.  D.