I attended our usual Tuesday afternoon RSO meeting, where I found out the monkey was too decomposed to tell if it died from Yellow Fever.  But it was reported, there were four monkeys found in a 3 block radius from the Consulate that had died from the disease.

The week following the discovery at the Consulate, there were several teams from the Brazilian Government who combed the grounds for more evidence.  I am told the disease is transmitted by mosquito, and will only affect primates. (humans and the monkeys)

This is not a matter to be taken lightly, and something I am not used to.  In Moscow, both Terese and I contracted the H1N1 virus, which to me was just a very bad cold that last three or four days.  Ignorantly, I did not know I had the virus at the time and just went to work.   Terese evidently contracted it from me.  No telling who else did.

If you need an ambulance in Sao Paulo, you may have to wait up to four hours for one.  Find a dead monkey and emergency crews will arrive within the hour.