The Marine Security Guards at the Consulate had their 242nd birthday ball last night.  In the earlier years, Terese and I never care for going, but after she convinced me to go once, we have ever since.  I took only a few pictures this year.The Marine in the photo above is the “Gunny”, the head of the Marines at the Consulate.  Beside him is our US Ambassador to Brazil.  Beside him is an old Marine who was invited as a guest speaker.  Below are two pics of the flags.  The first one is when they were first brought out.  Once the National Anthem began playing, the Marine flag is lowered to give the Stars & Stripes the place of honor.Below is a an empty place setting for all the men and women who gave the  ultimate sacrifice for our country.I have several friends at the Consulate, and when I get a chance to have my picture taken with the better looking ones, I will not pass it up.  I am the one in the middle.

Heading to Texas this evening to spend Thanksgiving with my incredible, beautiful mother.  Until next time, kick butt and look for new adventures.  D.