Been an interesting week.  Friday the Marines had a wingfest and I did most of the cooking using Terese’s recipe.  It was a hit.  We ran out of wings so I went to the refrigerator in my shop and retrieved another 4 kilos.  All and all, we cooked 24 kilos of wings and still ran out.  That is 52 lbs.  Next time, we will start with 30 kilos, 66 lbs.  Below are the original 20 kilos before cooking.

Since I only had a few wings that evening, I decided to award myself with my own.  I have an air-fryer which is a contraption that fries food with hot air, without using a politician.  Takes about the same time, but with no oil.  They came out very well.

On the Sao Paulo compound, I have 57 cameras to take care for.  These are scattered all on the perimeter fence and some inside the buildings.  I had to go to each one and get the serial number off it for the upcoming inventory season, which meant dragging a 25 foot extension ladder around.  So, I got Bulldog to help, and with the golf cart I have access to, we puttered around the compound completing the task.  Every time, we placed the shaky ladder against a tall pole for me to climb, Bulldog would touch my shoulder and look into my eyes and say, No fear, Meester.  I need to get his picture sometime.

I was on the roof of one of the buildings the other day, and when my Friend Francisco found out Bulldog was helping me with the cameras, he climbed up on the roof to tell me that next time I need help, to come get him instead.  I just smiled.  Here is the first picture I took of him some time ago.

Here is an extremely interesting picture.  On my way to work, I happened across the little girl looking in a window.  The window and little girl were not there a few days before.  What you see is artwork by a sign painter on a green wall.  This shows a bit of the incredible artistic talent these people have.

Now, here is a picture of me and my friend Ricardo when we went to a local Irish pub that we go occasionally.  Ricardo is the one smiling.

After drinking slowly throughout the afternoon, I wanted some chips and queso to squelch the alcohol, but when I ordered it, they were baffled.  I was taken back by this, because Brazilians love cheese.  So, I explained how it has melted cheese.  They asked me, what kind of cheese.  I said, I don’t know. Cheddar I guess.  The bartender had a baffled look, but said okay.  So, a few minutes later he brought me a bowl of melted cheddar cheese.  I forgot to tell them that queso also has chili in it.

Here is something I thought about the other day.  When I first encountered Marines in my work in Moscow, I was at awe.  I called them sir, as they did me.  I looked upon them as the heroes they are, and held them in admiration.  Over the years, I began to view them as just good men that I fully appreciate.  Eventually, as I encountered them on a personal level, I spoke with them about their desires and goals, and even their fears, and I began to see them as incredible individuals that I enjoy being around.  Many are ornery, and a few don’t really seem too bright at times.

Now it’s to the point that I see them as my kids.  I don’t hesitate to chew their butts out then the use a fly lock to hold a FEBR door open.  And they know they can ask me to man Post One (main control center) when they need to run to the bathroom.  When they call me to report a problem, I just answer the phone with, What did you break?  The other day as I was leaving the Consulate, several of them were heading home and before I knew it, a bit of my dad came out, and I told them, No damn-fool shenanigans!

So, I have come a long way with them.  During the wingfest the other day, I told Gunny (the head Marine), that I need to get a picture of his Marines with me for my 900-year-old mother.  It will happen soon.

Oh yeah.  One more thing before I tell you to kick butt.

This week, former President Obama is in Sao Paulo for a personal visit.  I am guessing it is to make a expensive speech.  Luckily, I don’t do much with presidential visits, but I am at awe at the expenses that takes place.  I would estimate upwards of a half-million dollars, just so he can fly here and probably make a speech which pays him that amount.  It is one of the perks of being a former president.

Okay.  Until next time, kick butt.  D.